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Title: Perturbation of an infinite network of identical capacitors
Authors: Hijjawi, R. S
Asad, J. H.
Sakaji, A. J
Khalifeh, J. M
Keywords: Lattice Green’s function
perturbed lattice.
Issue Date: Jan-2007
Publisher: World Scientific
Abstract: The capacitance between any two arbitrary lattice sites in an infinite square lattice is studied when one bond is removed (i.e. perturbed). A connection is made between the capacitance and the lattice Green’s function of the perturbed network, where they are expressed in terms of those of the perfect network. The asymptotic behavior of the perturbed capacitance is investigated as the separation between the two sites goes to infinity. Finally, numerical results are obtained along different directions and a comparison is made with the perfect capacitances.
ISSN: 02179792
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