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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Classical and fractional aspects of two coupled pendulumsBaleanu, D; Jajarmi, A; Asad, J. H
2014-02Fractional bateman - Feshbach tikochinsky oscillatorBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Petras, I
2012Fractional euler-lagrange equation of caldirola-kanai oscillatorBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Petras, I; Elagan, S.; Bilgen, A
2018-09The fractional model of spring pendulum: New features within different kernelsBaleanu, D; Jajarmi, A; Asad, J. H
2012-04Fractional Pais-Uhlenbeck OscillatorBaleanu, D; Petras, I; Asad, J. H; Velasco, M. P
2012Fractional-order two-electric pendulumBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Petras, I
2017-06The motion of a bead sliding on a wire in fractional sense; Baleanu, D; Jajarmi, A; Asad, J. H; Blaszczyk, T
2017Motion of a spherical particle in a rotating parabola using fractional lagrangian; Baleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Alipour, M; Blaszczyk, T
2018-06New aspects of the motion of a particle in a circular cavityBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Jajarmi, A
2019-04New features of the fractional Euler-Lagrange equations for a physical system within non-singular derivative operatorBaleanu, D; Sadat Sajjadi, S; Jajarmi, A; Asad, J H
2015-07Numerical solution of the fractional Euler-Lagrange’s equations of a thin elastica modelBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Petras, I
2016-09Numerical study for fractional euler-lagrange equations of a harmonic oscillator on a moving platformBaleanu, D; Blaszczyk, T; Asad, J. H; Alipoure, M
2018-12On the motion of a heavy bead sliding on a rotating wire – Fractional treatmentBaleanu, D; Asad, J. H.; Alipour, M