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Title: Finite Fuzzy Markov Chains
Authors: Mara’Beh, Mohammad Ali Ayesh
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Arab American University
Citation: Mara’Beh, Mohammad Ali Ayesh (2011). Finite Fuzzy Markov Chains. Arab American University
Abstract: In this thesis we deal with finite fuzzy Markov chains in two ways. First, we replace the uncertainty in any transition probability of a crisp transition matrix by a fuzzy number. In this case, we were able under certain conditions to prove the uniqueness of the limit of 2 × 2 matrix powers. Secondly, the transition matrix represents a fuzzy relation on a finite state space. Here, we were able to place some conditions on 𝑛 × 𝑛 fuzzy transition matrices to have the ergodic behavior.
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