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Title: Some properties of the Zero Divisor of a commutative ring.
Authors: Khalida Nazzal, Manal Ghanem
Keywords: automorphism group of a graph, center of a graph, core of a graph, k-domination number, Gaussian integers modulo n, median of a graph, 2-packing, perfect graph, and zero divisor graph.
Issue Date: 30-Jan-2015
Publisher: Discussiones Mathematicae- General Algebra and Applications
Citation: (2015),:34(2)DOI: 10.7151/dmgaa.1222
Series/Report no.: 34(2)DOI: 10.7151/dmgaa.1222;167–181.
Abstract: Let 􀀀(R) be the zero divisor graph for a commutative ring with identity. The k-domination number and the 2-packing number of 􀀀(R), where R is an Artinian ring, are computed. k-dominating sets and 2-packing sets for the zero divisor graph of the ring of Gaussian integers modulo n, 􀀀(Zn[i]), are constructed. The center, the median, the core, as well as the automorphism group of 􀀀(Zn[i]) are determined. Perfect zero divisor graphs 􀀀(R) are investigated.
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