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Title: . On the Line Graph of the Zero Divisor Graph for the Ring of Gaussian Integers modulo n.
Authors: Nazzal, Khalida
Ghanem, Manal
Keywords: zero divisor graph, ring of the Gaussian integers modulo
Issue Date: 30-Jan-2012
Publisher: International Journal of Combinatorics
Citation: International Journal of Combinatorics Volume 2012, Article ID 957284, 13 pages
Series/Report no.: 2012;13
Abstract: Let be the zero divisor graph for the ring of the Gaussian integers modulo . Several properties of the line graph of , are studied. It is determined when is Eulerian, Hamiltonian, or planer. The girth, the diameter, the radius, and the chromatic and clique numbers of this graph are found. In addition, the domination number of is given when is a power of a prime. On the other hand, several graph invariants for are also determined.
Description: Article
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