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Title: Resistance Calculation for an infinite Simple Cubic Lattice Application of Green’s Function
Authors: Asad, J. H
Hijjawi, R. S
Sakaji, A
Khalifeh, J. M
Keywords: Lattice Green’s Function
simple cubic lattice.
Issue Date: Nov-2004
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: J.H. Asad, R.S. Hijjawi, A.J. Sakaji, J.M. Khalifeh, Resistance Calculation for an infinite Simple Cubic Lattice Application of Green’s Function. Int. J. Theo. Phys. 43, 2223 (2004)
Abstract: It is shown that the resistance between the origin and any lattice point (l, m, n) in an infinite perfect Simple Cubic (SC) lattice is expressible rationally in terms of the known value of G0(0, 0, 0). The resistance between arbitrary sites in an infinite SC lattice is also studied and calculated when one of the resistors is removed from the perfect lattice. The asymptotic behavior of the resistance for both the infinite perfect and perturbed SC lattice is also investigated. Finally, experimental results are obtained for a finite SC network consisting of 8 × 8 × 8 identical resistors, and a comparison with those obtained theoretically is presented.
ISSN: 00207748
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