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Title: Smart on-board transportation management system Geo-Casting featured
Authors: Tarapiah, Saed
Atalla, Shadi
Alsayid, Basim
Keywords: Geo-Cast; GPS; GPRS; Transportation; Ticking; Tracking; Intelligent Transport System; ITS; Machine-to-Machine; M2M; Internet of Things; IoT; Smart City;GSM.
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: Computer Applications and Information Systems (WCCAIS), 2014 World Congress
Abstract: Recently, many applications have been defined in order to track, monitor and notify vehicles either online or offline, in this work we focus on notifying subset of the vehicles based on their geographical location; such feature is called Geo- Casting, which is the process by which a traffic accident is automatically detected and relayed to the nearest hospital or health center, police station as well as to all vehicles in geographical proximity. In this paper, we study application layer solutions handling Geo-Casting feature as an additive value to vehicles’ Smart on-Board Unit (SBU). Moreover, we provide a SBU design that integrates this feature, also we report fully functional end-to-end system implementation including the proposed SBU module and web based application meeting the functional requirements of Geo-Casting.
ISSN: DOI: 10.1109/WCCAIS.2014.6916594
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