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Title: Conservation of farm animal genetic diversity in palestine.8th global conference on the conservation of animal genetic resources.Tekirdag, Turkey
Authors: Badran, Iyad
Keywords: animal genetic resources;palestine
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 8th Global Conference on the Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources 8th Global Conference on the Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources – Tekirdag, Turkey, 4 – 8 October 2011 Between 4th and 8th October 2011, the 8th Global Conference on the Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources entitled “Sustainable Conservation of Livestock Breeds Diversity for the Future: Impact of Globalisation of Animal Breeding and the Loss of Farm Animal Genetic diversity – A conflict?” was held in Tekirdag (Turkey).
Abstract: Conversation of farm animal genetic diversity in Palestine Animal genetic resources have been contributing to food and agriculture for more than 12.000 years, providing human population with wide range of food products, as well as fiber, fertilizer for crops, manure for fuel and draught power. Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip) locate in the Near East region, between 29o and 33o north latitude and 35o and 39o longitude, with an area of 6225 km2 as a total area (area of West Bank include East Jerusalem is 5572 km2). Palestine has a Mediterranean climate with a cold rainy winter and hot dry summer. Average rain fall between 150 mm in south east to 700mm in the north. West Bank consists of four agro- ecological zones: semi costal, central high lands, eastern slopes, and Jordan valley. (PMoa, 2000) Large number of Palestinian people depends on farm animal species for their livelihood; the following farm animal species are use in food and agriculture: Cattle, sheep, goat, avian, rabbits, Camels, Ass, and Hoarse. Main products of farm animals are meat, milk, and eggs. Intensive farm system is use in poultry and cow rising to meet the demand for animal products, such as milk, meat and eggs, semi extensive management as will as Bedouins is also use for sheep and goat. However harsh environmental conditions and high price of feed led to keep breeds will adapted to such conditions like fat tail sheep and
Description: research about conservation of the animal genetic resources in Palestine
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