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2023-07-28Power series approach to nonlinear oscillatorsAbu-Asad, Ata; Asad, Jihad
2022-07-07مشكلات مدارس التعليم المهني في محافظات شمال فلسطين وسبل التغلب عليهاKhal, Sahar; Affoni, ida; Iter, Nuha
2021-07-02Effect of plant essential oils on the growth of Botrytis cinerea Pers.: Fr., Penicillium italicum Wehmer, and P. digitatum (Pers.) Sacc., diseasesSamara, Rana; Qubbaj, Tawfiq; Scott, Ian; Mcdowell, Tim
2021-05-21Biological activity and chemical characteristics of essential oils from the indigenous plant in PalestineSamara, Rana
2017-07-11Impact of Plum pox virus (PPV-D) infection on peach tree growth, productivity and bud cold hardinessSamara, Rana; Hunter, David; Stobbs, Lorne; Greig, Neva; Lowery, Thomas; Delury, Naomi
2022-02-22Evaluation of 11 potential trap crops for root-knot nematode (RKN) control under glasshouse conditionsRana, Samara
2021-07-25Plant Extracts Inducing Enzyme Activity in Grains against Loose Smut DiseaseKarsou, Bushra; Samara, Rana
2020-11-04Assessment of the effects of novel insecticides on green peach aphid (Myzus persicae) feeding and transmission of Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV)Samara, Rana; Lowery, Thomas; Stobbs, Lorne; Vickers, Patrica; Bittner, Lori
2021-12-21Antifeedants Impact of Plant Essential Oil on Green Peach Aphid on Potato CropsRoia, Abualfia; Rana, Samara
2008Alleviation of Salinity Stress Imposed on Broad Bean (Vicia faba) Plants Irrigated With Reclaimed Wastewater Mixed With Brackish Water Through Exogenous Application of Jasmonic AcidMansour, Nisreen; Mimi, Ziad; Harb, Jamil
2016Soil based wastewater treatment Effective utilization of olive mill wastewater in Israel and PalestineKurtz, M.P; Tamimi, N; Buchmann, C; Steinmetz, Z; Keren, Y; Peikert, B; Borisover, M; Diehl, D; Marie, A; Shoqeir, Hasan J.; Zipori, I; Dag, A; Schaumann, G.E
2017-04The fate of organic matter brought into soil by olive mill wastewater application at different seasonsTamimi, Nisreen; Schaumann, Gabriele E.; Diehl, Dörte
2016Effects of olive mill wastewater disposal on soil: Interaction mechanisms during different seasonsTamimi, Nisreen; Doerte, Diehl; Mohanad, Njoum; Marei, Amer; Schaumann, Gabriele E
2007Calibration of a Sensor Array (an Electronic Tongue) for Identification and Quantification of Odorants from Livestock BuildingsAbu-Khalaf, Nawaf; iversn, Jens Jørgen Lønsmann
2007Classification of mixtures of odorants from livestock buildings by a sensor array (an electronic tongue)Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf; Iversen, Jens Jørgen Lonsmann
2013-06-16Multivariate data analysis for bioremediation of contaminated soil through Interactions between heavy metals, microbes and plants.Natsheh, Basel; Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf; Sayara, Tahseen; Khayat, Saed; Salman, Mazen
2017Evaluation and assessment of water budget in the eastern aquifer basin of the West Bank, PalestineDweik, Fadi; Rahil, Mahmoud; Salama, Suhyb
2011-07-22Evaluation of the Incidence and Severity of Olive Leaf Spot Caused by Spilocaea oleagina on Olive Trees in PalestineSalman, Mazen; Hawamda, Abd-Almonem; Al-Ashqar Amarni, Ahmad; Rahil, Mahmoud; Hajjeh, Hajaj; Natsheh, Basel
2013-06-09Effect of Saline Water Application through Different Irrigation Intervals on Tomato Yield and Soil PropertiesRahil, Mahmoud; Hajjeh, Hajaj; Qanadillo, Alia
2015-03-16Effects of Fertilization Patterns Using Mineral and Organic Fertilizers on Growth and Yield of Cucumber under GreenhouseRahil, Mahmoud; Qanadillo, Alia
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