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Title: Effect of Saline Water Application through Different Irrigation Intervals on Tomato Yield and Soil Properties
Authors: Rahil, Mahmoud
Hajjeh, Hajaj
Qanadillo, Alia
Keywords: Saline Water
Irrigation Interval
Electrical Conductivity
Issue Date: 9-Jun-2013
Abstract: A field study was conducted on the experimental farm of ministry of agriculture, located at Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie, to investigate the effects of saline water irrigation through three irrigation intervals on yield of tomato crop and soil properties. The land was prepared and divided into 12 treatments, each of 48 square meters on the first of April. Tomato seedlings were planted on 25 April 2010; the seedlings were irrigated with fresh water for a period of 10 days after planting. Three levels of saline water irrigation (3, 5, 7 dS/m) plus fresh water as control were applied during the growing season. The four irrigation water treatments were applied through three irrigation intervals (every day, every second day and every three days). Gravimetric soil moisture content and soil electrical conductivity were monitored every two weeks during the growing period. Yield measurements were taken for total fruit yield, marketable yield as a percent of total yield, and average fruit weight of each treatment. Results of this study indicated that, plant treatments irrigated with saline water gave the highest yield for treatments irrigated every day compared to the treatments irrigated every second day and every three days. Statistical analysis showed significant differences in yield reduction between every second day and every three days irrigation intervals under 5 and 7 dS/m saline irrigation levels, while there was no significant difference between irrigation intervals under 3 dS/m salinity level.
ISSN: 2162-5379
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