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Title: Milk yield and quality and performance of Awassi ewes fed two levels of hydroponic barley
Authors: Badran, Eyad
abo omar, jamal
qaisi, rami
abu amsha, ruba
Keywords: Hydroponic Barley
Awassi Ewes
Milk yield
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: Volume 39(6). Published March, 01, 2017
Abstract: The objective of this research was to investigate the effect of feeding different levels of hydroponic barley (H) on general performance and milk yield and quality of lactating Awassi ewes. A total of 48 lactating ewes were used in a feeding trial in three groups. The first was fed a regular lactation total mixed ration (TMR) while ewes in the second and third treatments were fed similar ration except that regular wheat hay was replaced by H at levels of 50 (H1) and 100% (H2), for 120 days feeding trial. Results of the experiment showed that H yield in 8 days germination cycle was 8.0 kg per 1 kg barley grains. Hat two levels had no effects on feed intake (FI), body weight changes, milk yield, and milk composition; however, H had positive effects on ewe’s health conditions, mortalities, conception rates and abortion. In conclusion, H can be used as
Description: This study was undertaken to determine the effect of hydroponic barley (H) as a green fodder on the performance and milk yield and quality of lactating Awassi ewes under Palestinian conditions.
ISSN: E-ISSN 2286-5314
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