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Title: • الذكاءات المتعددة لدى طلبة كليات العلوم في الجامعات الفلسطينية
Authors: جيوسي, مجدي
زيدان, عفيف
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Publisher: المجلة التربوية /جامعة الكويت/مجلس النشر العلمي
Citation: الكويت
Series/Report no.: ;المجلد (30)، العدد (119)
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to assess Multiple Intelligences among students in the Faculty of Science in Alquds and Palestine Technical Universities at the first semester of the academic year (2013 -2014). The study investigates the effects of the variables of university, gender, residence, and academic level on the multiple intelligences. A questionnaire of the multiple intelligences was used in this study; this questionnaire has seven scales containing six items in each scale with a total of 42 items with a reliability rate (0. 91). The Study sample contained (290) students. The study revealed that the level of multiple intelligences among students in the faculty of science in Alquds and Palestine Technical Universities was high with average (3.69), the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence was the most common type, followed by the Logical Mathematical and Visual-spatial intelligence. It also indicated that there are statistically significant differences due to university to in favor of Alquds and due to the residence favoring of city residents, and due to academic level favoring of fourth year. Finally, the study revealed that there are no statistically significant differences due to gender. •
ISSN: 1029-810
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