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Title: Electrical networks with interstitial single capacitor
Authors: Owaidat, M Q
Hijjawi, R. S
Asad, J. H
Khalifeh, J. M
Keywords: Perturbed square lattice
lattice Green’s function
interstitial capacitor
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: World Scientific
Abstract: We investigate the equivalent capacitance between two arbitrary nodes in a perturbed network (i.e. an interstitial capacitor is introduced between two arbitrary points in the perfect lattice) based on the lattice Green’s function approach. An explicit formula for the capacitance of the perturbed lattice is derived in terms of the capacitances of the perfect lattice by solving Dyson’s equation exactly. Numerical results are presented for the infinite perturbed square network. Finally, the asymptotic behavior of the effective capacitance has been studied
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