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Title: Characteristic of the equivalent impedance for an m×n RLC network with an arbitrary boundary
Authors: Tan, Z Z
Zhu, H
Asad, J. H
Xu, C
Tang, H
Keywords: RLC network
Resonance properties
Oscillation characteristics
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: Springer Nature
Abstract: Considerable progress has been made recently in the development of techniques to determine exactly two-point resistances in networks of various topologies. In particular, a general resistance formula of a non-regular m×n resistor network with an arbitrary boundary is determined by the recursion-transform (RT) method. However, research on the complex impedance network is more difficult than that on the resistor network, and it is a problem worthy of study since the equivalent impedance has many different properties from equivalent resistance. In this study, the equivalent impedance of a non-regular m×n RLC network with an arbitrary boundary is studied based on the resistance formula, and the oscillation characteristics and resonance properties of the equivalent impedance are discovered. In the RLC network, it is found that our formula leads to the occurrence of resonances at the boundary condition holding a series of specific values with an external alternating current source. This curious result suggests the possibility of practical applications of our formula to resonant circuits.
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