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Title: Electrical characteristics of the 2 ×n and □ × n circuit network
Authors: Tan, Z
Tan, Z Z
Asad, J. H
owaidat, M Q
Keywords: , × n circuit network;equivalent transform;differential equation;resonance properties
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Citation: Tan, Z., Tan, Z.-Z., Asad, J.H., Owaidat, M.Q. (2019). Electrical characteristics of the 2 ×n and □ × n circuit network. Physica Scripta 94(5),055203
Abstract: This paper presents two new fundamentals of the 2×n and ,×n circuit network. The results of a plane 2×n resistor network can be applied to a ,×n circuit network, which has not been studied before. We first study the 2×n resistor network by modeling a differential equation and obtain two equivalent resistances between two arbitrary nodes of the 2×n network. Next, the ,×n cube network is transformed to the 2×n plane network equivalently to achieve two resistance formulae between two arbitrary nodes of the ,×n cube network. By applying the resistance results to the ,×n LC cube network, the complex impedance characteristics of the LC network, which includes oscillation characteristics and resonance properties, are discovered.
ISSN: 00318949
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