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Title: FORC (Pathway in Forensic Computing)
Objectives and Results of the action: The FORC project seeks to build capacities to develop an integrated curricula in forensic computing as pathways within the undergraduate degrees of the faculties of Information Technology and Law, using a student-centred adaptive learning approach based on the bologna processes. It aims to develop a pathways, integrated within the current curricula, to bring continuity and achieve harmony across the programmes. This pathways will be deployed at the four participating partner universities, two in Palestine (P4: AQU, P5:PTUK) and two in Jordan (P7:PSUT, P8:JU). The uniqueness of this pathway since it will meet the multidisciplinary needs of the two domains computing and law, it will develop an innovative user-centred adaptive learning to create an integrated curricula and enable the four universities to integrate the new developed courses within their degrees addressing variations, yet meeting their own specified key learning outcomes. The importance of forensic computing to be part of the undergraduate training as integral part of their educational skills, is critical to advance the forensic computing domain towards evidence-based practices, in the region, which is still at early stage. These skills are essential to solidify the deeper understanding of the value and importance of forensic computing not only to their speciality, but also their profession, work and practice. They will promote the uptake and implementation of forensic computing to become essential part of their profession as enabling mechanisms to improve the quality of computing. Thus one key objective of FORC is to develop capacity of members of faculty in forensic computing and create undergraduate pathway to ensure sustainability and lasting impact
Donors to the action(name): Erasmus +
Sector: 574063-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Cost of the action(EUR): 899213 EUR
Amount Contributed (by donor): 899213
Dates( 2016-2020
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