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2020-02-20Small Project Management Strategy and its Relationship to Satisfaction on Life as Recognized by its EmployeesRaKaban, Neama; Salama, Hanaa
2020-02-20Administrative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy: Relationship and Impact Case Study in the Palestinian Islamic Development CompanyArqawi, Samer; Herzallah, Fadi; Abuhafiza, Suha; Abumwais, Mohannad
2020-02-20Level of Fear Degree Resulting from the Learning of Basic Swimming Skills and Its Relationship with Gender among Physical Education StudentsZbeedi, Firas; Frehat, Raed
2020-02-20Estimation of the Environmental Flow Regime to Deter-mine the Minimum Flow for Pollution Reduction: Wadi Zomar -Palestine as a Case StudyKhayat, Saed
2020-02-20Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Biological Activity of Sulfonylhydrazide-Schiff Base" (E)-N’-(2,5-dimethoxybenzalidene) Naphthalene-2-sulfonohydrazide"Amereih, Sameer; Daraghmeh, Abd; Warad, Ismail; Al-Nuri, Mohammed
2020-02-20Biological Control of Peacock Spot Disease Caused by Spilocaea Oleaginaon Olive using Bacteria.Salman, Mazen
2020-12-01Influence of Different Types of Fertilizers Application on the Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa L.) Growth and QualityNatsheh, Basel; Abu-Khalaf, Nawaf
2020-12-01Predicting Students Performance Based on their Academic ProfileKhalilia, Hadi; Sammar, Thaer; Sleet, Yazeed
2020-12-01Characterization of Bacterial Communities in Palestinian Lamb Meat by Phenotyping and 16S rRNA Gene Sequence AnalysisHamdan, Mahmoud; Masoud, Wafa
2020-12-01Synthesis and Evaluation of Anti-Lipase Potential and Molecular Docking of N’-(2-Hydroxy-5-Nitrobenzylidene) Naphthalene-2-SulfonohydrazideAmereih, Sameer; Daraghmeh, Abd; Warad, Ismail; Al-Nuri, Mohammed