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Title: Evaluation of the Opinions of Volleyball Experts Toward the Application of the Professional System in West Bank Clubs
Other Titles: نظرة تقييمية لآراء الخبراء في كرة الطائرة نحو تطبيق نظام الاحتراف في أندية الضفة الغربية
Authors: Zakarneh, Ismael
Nassar, Ahmad
Nassef, Ghait
Qadoumi, Husein
Keywords: Professionalism;Palestinian Volleyball;Game Experts
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2020
Publisher: Palestine Technical University -Kadoorie
Citation: Zakarneh, I., Nassar, A., Nassef, G., & Qadoumi, H. (2020). Evaluation of the opinions of volleyball experts toward the application of the pro-fessional system in West Bank clubs. Palestine Technical University Research Journal, 8(3), 40–60.
Series/Report no.: 8(3);40–60
Abstract: This study aimed to an evaluation look at the opinions of experts in volleyball towards the application of the professional system in West Bank clubs, and to achieve this, the researchers used the descriptive approach due to its suitability and the nature of the objectives of the study. Organization and planning, capabilities and playgrounds, media and marketing, and game components (coaches, players and referees), the study population consisted of (70) individuals, and the study sample reached (37) individuals, accounting for 52% of the study community as follows: experts (15), and managers The technicians (trainers) (9), team administrators (7), and referees (6) were selected intentionally, and the researchers used arithmetic averages, standard deviations, percentages, the Alpha Cronbach stability coefficient, a chef test for dimensional comparisons, a "T" test and mono-contrast analysis, and showed The results showed that the opinions of coaches, experts, club administrators and referees in the game of volleyball about the reality of applying the professional system of volleyball in the West Bank were medium, as the arithmetic average reached (3.06), and the level of fields came between low, medium and large, and came in the first rank The field of the gamecomponents (coaches, players, and referees) has an average mathematical average of (3.96). The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences attributable to the variables of the job description and the degree of the club, while there were differences due to the variable of years of experience and came in favor of 10 years or more. The researchers recommend the need to work on building a national strategy and a clear vision for the development of Palestinian volleyball by federation and clubs of its degrees, and an implementation plan to reach the application of professionalism similar to Palestinian football.
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