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2020-12-01Effect of RRA Heat Treatment Parameters on Mechanical Properties Of 7075 High Strength Aluminum AlloyAl-Nifawi, Muhammed; Dhahya, Fouad
2020-12-01Awareness of Using Social Media Websites Among Middle School Students in Tulkarem GovernorateShanaa, Hisham
2020-12-01Valuating the Reality of Using E-Learning System (Moodle) in University Learning under the Pandemic of Covid 19 Among Physical Education Students (PES) At West Bank Universities-PalestineSalameh, Hamed; Qadoume, Ali; AbuAlia, Motasem; Qadoumi, Mohamed
2020-12-01The Degree to which National and Life Education Curriculum for the First and Second Basic Grades Includes the Life Skills from the Point of View of Teachers in Government Schools in QabatiaSabaeneh, Faisal; Swedan, Rajaa
2020-12-01The Preferred Learning Styles of Palestine Technical University Kadoorie Students and the Effect of Some Variables on ThemAwadallah, Murad; Frehat, Raed
2020-12-01Effect of Artificial Aging Parameters on Tensile Strength and Microstructure of 7075 Aluminum AlloyNefawy, Mohamad; Al Asad, Mahmoud
2020-12-01The Impact of Financial Inclusion on The Performance of Traditional Banks An Analytical Study on Conventional Banks Listed on The Palestine Stock Exchange Using the CAMELS Model.Haj Yousef, Mahmoud
2020-12-01The Availability of DNA Components and their Impact on Achieving High Performance of the Palestinian Technical Education EmployeesAl-Hila, Amal; Arqawi, Samer; Al-Habil, Waseem
2020-12-01Suggested Strategies for the Lost Loop between Higher Education Output and Labor Market RequirementsDamaira, Jehan; Damaira, Rawan
2020-12-01AnalysisE-Learning Status in Palestinian Universities, A Case Study of Palestine Technical University-KadoorieTulkarmAlmbayed, Hiba
2020-12-01Effect of Accounting Information Systems on Financial Decisions of Commercial Establishments in TulkaremSalem, Amar
2020-12-01Features of Popular Resistance in Diwan "Glory Bows Before You" Approaches to Subject and Poetic compositionQatanani, Khalel
2020-12-01The Self Concept and its Relation with Psychological Adaptation in the Delinquent Juvenile who are Registered in the Ministry of Social DevelopmentOdeh, Salim; Abu Bakr, Iyad
2020-12-01The Status of School Health in the Governorate of Hebron The Way to Develop Them.Abu Zneid, Aseel; Hijje, Hakam
2020-12-01The Degree of Applying the Thinking Skills in Teaching Physical Education in Public Schools in Palestine from the Perspectives of Teachers of Physical Education ThemselvesAbbas, Islam; Nser, Farah
2020-12-01Evaluation of the Opinions of Volleyball Experts Toward the Application of the Professional System in West Bank ClubsZakarneh, Ismael; Nassar, Ahmad; Nassef, Ghait; Qadoumi, Husein
2020-12-01The Degree of Using Research Systems and the Satisfaction of Palestinian Libraries in the Light of Technological Environment from the Point of View of Librarians and Researchers.Khader, Ibrahim
2020-12-01The Negative Effects of Using Smart Devices on the Physic land Psychological Health of Palestinian Children aged (13-16) years from their PerspectiveIter, Nuha
2020-12-01Uniaxial Strain and Optical Properties of GaP NanowiresMohammad, Rezek
2020-12-01The Influence of Social Network Use on Students' Academic PerformanceAbdalla, Rania; Qashou, Abeer
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