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Title: Features of Popular Resistance in Diwan "Glory Bows Before You" Approaches to Subject and Poetic composition
Other Titles: ملامحُ المقاومةِ الشعبيَّة في ديوانِ "المجدُ ينحني أمامكم" مُقتَرباتُ الموضوعِ والَّتشكيل الشعريّ
Authors: Qatanani, Khalel
Keywords: Popular Resistance;Glory Bend Before You;Prison;Palestinian Wedding;Nonviolence
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2020
Publisher: Palestine Technical University -Kadoorie
Citation: Qatanani, khalel. (2020). Features of Popular Resistance in Diwan "Glory Bows Before You" Approaches to Subject and Poetic composition. Palestine Technical University Research Journal, 8(3), 120–136.
Series/Report no.: 8(3);120–136
Abstract: The study deals with the "Glory bends before you" by the poet Abdel Nasser Saleh, as an appropriate model to study the subject of popular resistance and its role in confronting the occupier through the use of popular resistance methods and means, and the statement of its foundations, and objective and poetic features. Helived the experiences of struggle and arrest in the Uprising. He practiced peaceful resistance on the homeland by his pencil and actions. Thestudy attempts to dismantle the vocabulary of the texts of the Diwan by employing the analytical methodology in order to demonstrate the extent to which the text copes with the reality of the event "popular resistance" against the other Israeli, through the study of technical techniques and poetic formation, and the effectiveness of reality and practice, culture and ideology. The researcher found the poet's artistic ability to root the state of popular resistance, whether at the level of term or poetic image, and the resulting positive impact on the conscience of the resistance people.
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