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2009Trends and occurrences of nitrate in the groundwater of the West Bank, PalestineAnayah, Fathi; Almasri, Mohammad
2013-06-30Predicting groundwater recharge in Ghana by estimating evapotranspirationAnayah, Fathi; Kaluarachchi, Jagath; Pavelic, Paul; Smakhtin, Vladimir
2014-06-03Improving the complementary methods to estimate evapotranspiration under diverse climatic and physical conditionsAnayah, Fathi; Kaluarachchi, Jagath
2017-01-01Factors affecting the sustainability of solid waste management system—the case of PalestineAl-Khateeb, Ammar; Al-Sari, Majed; Al-Khatib, Issam; Anayah, Fathi
2017Bibliometric analysis of worldwide scientific literature in mobile - health: 2006–2016Sweileh, Waleed; Al-Jabi, Samah; AbuTaha, Adham; Zyoud, Saed; Anayah, Fathi; Sawalha, Ansam
2019-03-21Assessment of Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Poor Rural Communities: A Case Study from Yatta Area, PalestineAl-Batsh, Nibal; Al-Khatib, Issam; Ghannam, Subha; Anayah, Fathi; Jodeh, Shehdeh; Hanbali, Ghadir; Khalaf, Bayan; van der Valk, Michael
2018-05Application Of Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Techniques For Optimal Load Shedding Planning And Operation In An Islanded Distribution Network Integrated With Distributed GenerationJallad, Jafar
2018-01-04Improved UFLS with Consideration of Power Deficit During Shedding Process And Flexible Load SelectionJallad, J.
2017Understanding contemporary models for organisational sustainability: critical reviewKhalili, Amjad; Ismail, Md Yusof; Karim, A.N.M
2017Integration of lean manufacturing and quality management system through structural equation modellingKhalili, Amjad; Ismail, Md Yusof; Karim, A.N.M
2017Minimum switching losses for solving distribution NR problem with distributed generationBadran, Ola; Mokhlis, Hazlie; Mekhilef, Saad; Dahalan, Wardiah; Jallad, Jafar
2018Soft total quality management and lean manufacturing initiatives: model development through structural equation modellingKhalili, Amjad; Ismail, Md Yusof; Karim, A.N.M; Che Daud, Mohd Radzi
2017Optimal Switching Sequence Path for Distribution Network Reconfiguration Considering Different Types of Distributed GenerationBadran, Ola; Mekhilef, Saad; Mokhlis, Hazlie; Dahalan, Wardiah
2017-07-20Multi-Objective Network Reconfiguration with Optimal DG Output Using MetaHeuristic Search AlgorithmsBadran, Ola; Mokhlis, Hazlie; Mekhilef, Saad; Dahalan, Wardiah
2017A comparative evaluation of contemporary models for lean manufacturing practicesKhalili, Amjad; Ismail, Md Yusof; Karim, A.N.M; Che Daud, Mohd Radzi
2014-04Experimental Characterization of Lead – Acid Storage Batteries used in PV Power SystemsBadran, O.; Jallad, J.
2017-01-06Optimal reconfiguration of distribution system connected with distributed generations: A review of different methodologiesBadran, O.; Mekhilef, S.; Mokhlis, H.; Dahalan, W.
2017-08-23Frequency regulation strategies in grid integrated offshore wind turbines via VSC-HVDC technology: A reviewJallad, J.; Mekhilef, S.; Mokhlis, H.
2013-12-05Understanding the Linkage between Soft and Hard Total Quality Management: Evidence from Malaysian Manufacturing IndustriesKhalili, Amjad; Subari, Khairanum
2016-04-07Design and Implementation of Low Cost Computer Numerical Control-Printed Circuit Boards Drilling MachineDaadoo, Motaz; Awwad Daraghmi, Yousef
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