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Title: " تأثير استخدام المقاومات المسحوبة على تنمية القوة الخاصة لتحسين درجة الجملة الحركية على جهاز الحلق لطلاب قسم التربية الرياضية بجامعة فلسطين التقنية "
Authors: Isaa, Alaa
Keywords: private power ,rings,dragging resistors
Issue Date: 31-May-2015
Citation: ISSA,ALAA.(2013).The effect of the use of dragging resistors on the development of private power to improve degree of kinetic sentence on rings For students of the Physical Education Department at Palestine Technical University,Dirasat Journal,4(44):Jordan
Abstract: The research aims to identify the effect of use resistors withdrawals (weightlifting, body weight, rubber cords) for the development of private power to improve degree of kinetic sentence on rings to students in the Department of Physical Education, Palestine Technical University, has conducted baseline study on a sample intentional from the department students conducted their measurements of key variables and physical measurements and assess the level of performance skills were divided into two groups, the number of each of them (11) students underwent the first (experimental ) to the proposed program and underwent the second group (control group) for the program traditional applicable department, and conducted on each of the experimental group and the control measurements tests, physical attributes and the level of performance skills before and after the test, and the researcher used statistical processing using mean, median, standard deviation, and the comparison test period (T) for the two samples equal in number and smaller than (30) and the simple correlation coefficient (r) and the value of effect size (ES), and based on the results that have been reached and the associated goals Find In light of the approach used within the limits of the sample and their characteristics has been reached for the conclusions of the following: 1. The training program proposed using resistors drawn that operates in the same path kinetic and directed to the development of physical abilities for wholesale motor on your throat, which was subjected to the experimental group have a positive impact and effective in the development of physical abilities associated with the level of performance skills for inter motor on your throat. 2. The proposed training program using resistors withdrawn that operate in the same path motor is effective in improving the skill level of performance for inter motor on your throat. 3. The traditional program for the Department of Physical Education at the Technical University of Palestine, which was subjected to the control group led to a slight improvement in the capacity of special physical and performance-related skills for inter motor on your throat. 4. The development of physical abilities association linked to improvement in the skill level of performance for inter motor on your throat. 3. Power devices weightlifting withdrawn and a Cart sliding which have been manufactured so that the movement it similar to the path of temporal and spatial development of maximum strength and power characteristic speed and most especially when you learn the skills that they contain wholesale motor on your throat as the lead training using them to improve the technical performance of inter motor.
ISSN: 1026-3721
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