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Title: Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Induction Motors Operation under Single-Phasing Condition
Other Titles: التحقيق والتحليل التجريبي لتشغيل المحركات الحثية ثلاثية الطور في ظل حالة المرحلة الواحدة
Authors: Alsayid, Basim
Keywords: Induction motors;unbalanced Voltages;Positive and Negative Sequences;single-phasing;losses
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2020
Publisher: Palestine Technical University -Kadoorie
Citation: Alsayid, B. . (2020). Experimental Investigation and Analysis of Induction Motors Operation under Single-Phasing Condition. Palestine Technical University Research Journal, 8(2), 90–99.
Series/Report no.: 8(2);90–99
Abstract: A three-phase induction motor will continue to operate when a disturbance of some sort causesthe source voltages of the motor to become unbalanced. When an induction motor is operated at unbalanced voltage supply the performance characteristics like efficiency, power factor, input power, output power and losses are affected. The single-phasing occurs when one phase fails as a result of a fuse blowing, protective device opening on one phase of the motor, open phase on one terminal of the motor or other causes. This paper will analyze the operation of a 3-phase induction motor under normal balanced source voltages first, then under single phasing experimentally in order to follow a comparative approach.
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