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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12-04Air Pollution Sources in LibyaNassar, Yasser; Aissa, Kaiss; Alsadi, Samer
2022-05-18Analysis of the View Factors in Rooftop PV SolarNassar, Yasser; Belha, Said; Alsadi, Samer; El-Khozondar, Hala
2018-12Assessment of solar energy potential in Gaza Strip-PalestineNassar, Yasser; Alsadi, Samer
2022-10-13Atlas of PV Solar Systems Across Libyan TerritoryNassar, Yasser; El-Khozondar, Hala; Alsadi, Samer; Abuhamoud, Nassir; Miskeen, Guzlan
2022-10-13Atlas of PV Solar Systems Across Libyan TerritoryNassar, Yasser; El-Khozondar, Hala; Alsadi, Samer; Abuhamoud, Nassir; Miskeen, Guzlan
2021-07-05Attenuation of Dust and Sand Storms of Microwave Signal at Sabha CityAlsadi, Samer; Abuhamoud, Nassir; Fadil, Sana; Omar, Bahaa
2016-07Correction of the ASHRAE clear-sky model parameters based on solar radiation measurements in the Arabic countriesAlsadi, Samer; Nassar, Yasser
2022-11-13Design of an isolated renewable hybrid energy system: a case studyNassar, Yasser; Alsadi, Samer; El-Khozondar, Hala; Ismail, Mohamoud; Al-Maghalseh, Maher; Khatib, Tamer; Sa'ed, Jaser; Mushtaha, Mohammed; Djerafi, Tarek
2022-05-18Determination of the Most Accurate Horizontal to Tilted Sky-Diffuse Solar Irradiation Transposition Model for the Capital Cities in MENA RegionNassar, Yasser; Alsadi, Samer; El-Khozondar, Hala; Refaat, Shady
2012-02-19Development of a Novel Solar Radiation Measuring DeviceAlsadi, Samer; Khatib, Tamer; Mallooh, Sulafa
2016-03Economical and Environmental Feasibility of the Renewable Energy as a Sustainable Solution for the Electricity Crisis in the Gaza StripNassar, Yasser; Alsadi, Samer
2017-12-26Estimation of Environmental Damage Costs from CO2e Emissions in Libya and the Revenue from Carbon Tax ImplementationNassar, Yasser; Aissa, Kaiss; Alsadi, Samer
2017-04Estimation of Solar Irradiance on Flat-Solar FieldsAlsadi, Samer; Nassar, Yasser
2021-07-05Evaluation of salinity effect on growth and productivity of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana)Abdolrhman, Isam; Almathnani, Abduaslam; Abobaker, Abobaker; Saber, Amnh; Alsadi, Samer
2021-07-05Experimental Study of Design and Implementation Classical Controller into Fuel cell/Battery Hybrid SystemOmar, Baba; Abuhamoud, Nassir; Alsadi, Samer
2023-02-14Experimental Validation of a Mitigation Method of Ferranti Effect in Transmission LineFoqha, Tareq; Alsadi, Samer; REFAAT, SHADY; Abdulmawjood, Kais
2020-05-01Forecasting for smart energy: an accurate and efficient negative binomial additive modelDaraghmi, Yousef; Daraghmi, Eman; Daadoo, Motaz; Alsadi, Samer
2019-02-01A general expression for the shadow geometry for fixed mode horizontal, step-like structure and inclined solar fieldsAlsadi, Samer; Nassar, Yasser
2016-06General Polynomial for Optimizing the Tilt Angle of Flat Solar Energy Harvesters Based on ASHRAE Clear Sky Model in Mid and High LatitudesAlsadi, Samer; Nassar, Yasser; Ali, Amer
2022-12-13A Generic Model for Optimum Tilt Angle of Flat-Plate Solar Harvesters for Middle East and North Africa RegionNassar, Yasser; Hafez, Ahmad; Belhaj, Said; Alsadi, Samer; Abdunnabi, Mohammad; Belgasim, Basim; Sbeta, Mohamed