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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-12-08The mediating role of soft and hard Total quality management on the relationship between the critical factors of ISO 9000 and the overall manufacturing performance: theoretical framework and propositionsKhalili, Amjad; subari, khairanum; kamaruddin, shahrul
2005-04Remarks on perturbation of infinite networks of identical resistorsAsad, J. H; Hijjawi, R. S; Sakaji, A; Khalifeh, J. M
2005-05Host preference and oviposition behaviour of Trichogramma aurosum Sugonjaev & Sorokina (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae).Samara, Rana; Monje, Juan Carlos; Zebitz, Claus
2005-05Evalutional and analytical study for the science text books of the seventh and eighth Grades in PalestineFrehat, Raed
2005-06-06Genetic study of several seed oil quality traits in safflowerVelasco, L; Pérez-Vich, B; Hamdan, Yamen; Fernández-Martínez, J. M
2005-09Infinite network of identical capacitors by Green's FunctionAsad, J. H; Hijjawi, R. S; Sakaji, A. J; Khalifeh, J. M
2005-09-12Biology, Behaviour and Genetic Diversity of Trichogramma aurosum Sugonjaev and Sorokina (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)Samara, Rana
2005-12Capacitance between two points on an infinite gridAsad, J. H; Hijjawi, R. S; Sakaji, A; Khalifeh, J. M
2006Identification and quantification of odorants from livestock buildingsAbu-Khalaf, Nawaf
2006-03-15Problems of Communication among Graduate Students and their Teacher at Palestinian Universities as Perceived by the Students ThemselvesAbu Saa, Jaafar
2006-05Complexity Metrics AS Predictors of Maintainability and Integrability of Software componentsSalman, Nael
2006-05-29Alleviating the Negative Impact of Brackish Water and Reclaimed Wastewater on Vicia faba Plants through Treatment with Jasmonic AcidMansour, Nisreen
2006-08On the resistance of an infinite square network of identical resistors - Theoretical and experimental comparisonAsad, J. H; Sakaji, A; Hijjawi, R. S; Khalifeh, J. M
2006-08-14A New Topology of Capacitor-Clamp Cascade Multilevel ConvertersAbu Sneineh, Anees; Wang, Ming-yan; Kai, Tian
2006-11The diversity of yeasts in wet processing of coffee, their role in mucilage degradation and interaction with ochratoxin A (OTA) producing Aspergillus ochraceusMasoud, Wafa
2006-11-06A Hybrid Capacitor-Clamp Cascade Multilevel ConverterAbu Sneineh, Anees; Wang, Ming-yan; Kai, Tian
2006-11-14Novel Hybrid Flying-Capacitor-Half-Bridge 9-Level InverterAbu Sneineh, Anees; Wang, Ming-yan
2006-11-15Characterization of alternative NADH dehydrogenases in the respiratory chain of Toxoplasma gondii as a novel drug targetsSaleh A
2006-12-15Spectral Analysis of Hybrid Capacitor-Clamp Cascade 13-Level InverterAbu Sneineh, Anees; Wang, Ming-yan